Get started with a plan.

Depending on your financial goals, there are three (3) real estate investment options available to you on this platform.

Investor Protection

All investment assets are held in trust by FBNQuest Trustee on behalf of all the members of this platform.

Land -REVS




Annual Capital Gain

Up to 15%

  • Bare Lands
  • 5 Years Renewable 
  • Possible Exit through Secondary
  • Return is subject to underlying asset performance over the holding period. Quoted RoI are estimates and not guaranteed





Annual Interest Return

15 - 18%

  • Rental Property
  • Short-Let Apartment
  • 12 -24 Months
  • Return is subject to occupancy – Low Risk





Annual Interest Return

18 - 23%

  • Estate Development Projects (Residential and Commercial)
  • 18 – 24 Months
  • Return subject to project completion – Medium Risk

Before you invest.

If you are new to investing in real estate, you are advised to talk to your financial adviser before choosing any of our options. However, below are 3 major steps to guide your decision making.

Understand your income

You should have a clear understanding of your annual income vis-as-vis your annual spending and savings. This will give you an idea of how much you can invest in real estate.

Set a Target for yourself

Every goal including your financial goals requires setting a SMART target. This is very important to enable you to measure your performance over time.

Define your risk appetite

Understand your risk appetite before venturing into any type of investment. All investments are risky including real estate. How much risk are you willing to expose yourself to?

Create an investment plan

If you successfully understand your income, set a smart target for yourself, define your risk appetite, then you are ready to create an investment plan on Coreum.

Trustee protection

Our Trustee, FBNQuest Trustees is a subsidiary of the FBNQuest Group and a subsidiary of FBN Holdings, is the leading Trust services provider in Corporate Trust, Public Trust, Private Trust and Estate Planning solutions.

Investment funds are held in a joint account managed by FBNQuest Trustees

Investment Assets are held in trust by FBNQuest Trustees on behalf of the investors.

FBNQuest Trustees is a member of the investment committee that oversees the asset selection and investment process.

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