How it works

Start building your real estate portfolio in four (4) easy steps

Investor Protection

All investment assets are held in trust by FBNQuest Trustee on behalf of all the members of this platform.

1. Fund wallet

Fund your investment wallet with the amount you want to invest. You can fund your wallet using Paystack or through a direct bank transfer.

2. Choose an Asset

Choose a REVS plan and find assets that meet your investment goals.

3. Invest in Asset

Proceed to invest in the asset you have selected and wait for activation of your investment. Once activated, your REVS will reflect on your personalized dashboard.

4. Track Investment

Continue to track your investment as it appreciates and generates interest return for you.

Secondary Market

If you are looking to exit your investment earlier than the maturity date, you can list your slot on the secondary market and find a willing buyer. Coreum will publish the current valuation of all assets twice a year to avoid overpricing of the REVS.

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