How it works

Investing in a real estate portfolio through Coreum is simple and ease. Just follow the four key steps and you are done. 

Create an Account

Create and Account by signing up and a detailed KYC will be conducted to pre-qualify you to be a member of our platform.  You can also be invited by an existing member

Find an Investment

Choose your preferred investment from our basket of vetted real estate deals and opportunities. Our opportunities ranges from land investment to residential and commercial real estate

Select Virtual Slot & Pay

Buy as many virtual slots in the property as you will like to own and you can pay using paystack or through bank transfer to an FBNQuest/Coreum Joint Account

Monitor your Investment & Earn

Monitor your investment on your personalized dashboard and grow your investments portfolio. Earn Return on Investments  when your investment matures

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in a real estate portfolio through Coreum is simple and ease. Just follow the four key steps and you are done. 

Who can co-invest?

Only approved members who meet the user requirements can invest. You can become a member by way of referral through an existing member or by requesting an invitation

What is the minimum investment?

Coreum divides every listed property  into 100 equal units called Virtual Slots (VS). Each Virtual Slot represents 1% of the property price and is the minimum allowable investment per property. You can own between 1 and 100  Virtual Slots

How protected is my investment?

To protect the interest of our members, FBNQuest Trustees acts as the Trustee to provide Trustee and Nominee Services to members of Coreum.

FBNQuest Trustees holds all assets purchased by Coreum’s members and ensures strict compliance with the transaction agreement and investment guidelines.

How do i exit my investments

Co-investors can exit their investment by waiting till the maturity period when Coreum puts the underlying properties for sale at the  current market price at the point of sale 

Co-investor can also list their Virtual Slot for sale on our secondary market where it will be sold on a willing buyer, willing seller price. 

You are in good company

We have partnered with the best firms around to ensure we provide you with the best real estate investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Coreum Real Estate Solutions is a Real Estate Company registered in compliance with the Company and Allied Matters Act with CAC Registration Number RC1503916. Our goal is to promote wealth equity and sustainability by making Real Estate affordable to everyone regardless of income level, age or location.

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