Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequent questions asked by users.

What is a Slot?

A Slot  on Coreum real estate investment platform represents 1 percent of a property. You can own 1 percent  or more of a property

What is the expected ROI ?

Return on investment on a Real Estate asset can come from one or two sources.

Rental Yield on Revenue Generating Assets 

Rental income comes from revenue generating asset. Rental yield could range from 7 – 12% depending on the asset and its location.

Value Appreciation 

Real estate assets appreciate in value over time but it is impossible to know the actual future value of an asset. However, based on our internal forecasting tool, we make predictions on the potential value of the asset during the investment period. Our projections could be more or less than the actual reality. 

How can I exit my investment?

Co-investors can exit at after the agreed holding period or exit  via the secondary market.

Is Coreum Regulated by SEC?

Coreum is not regulated by Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, our Trustee, FBNQuest Trustees is a subsidiary of FBNQuest Capital, a company regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission of Nigeria. 

What are the risks involved?

Real estate investing comes with the following risks.
Return on Investment – Actual Value Appreciation can be lower than our projected value appreciation. 

Full subscription risk: A primary listing on Coreum may not be fully subscribed requiring that funds are returned to all investors.

Secondary Market : Exiting through the secondary market is not guaranteed. It is subject to willing buyer and willing seller aggreement. 

Coreum Real Estate Solutions Limited is a Real Estate Company registered in compliance with the Company and Allied Matters Act with CAC Registration Number RC1503916. Coreum is a proptech platform managed by Coreum Real Estate Solutions Limited. The platform provides real estate investments to its users. All investments are held and managed under a trust deed between Coreum and FBNQuest Trustees, a member of the FBN Holdings, a SEC Regulated Entity.