Our focus is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to create wealth from Real Estate

Investments in population driven sectors will always be profitable in Africa because the continent is projected to see the largest relative increase in the size of its population over the coming 15 years: the median projection of 1.68 billion people in 2030 is 42 per cent larger than the 2015 population of 1.19 billion. 

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We have partnered with the best firms to ensure we provide you with the best real estate investment opportunities in Nigeria

Our Mission

Assets like Real Estate have long been a cornerstone for wealth generation and preservation. Real estate, like the stock market, is seen as a major store of value however barriers to entry are high (cost) and access has long been limited to a fraction of our society who are able to wholly afford it. 

Coreum seeks to lower the barrier to entry (i.e. minimum required cost) in the real estate industry by providing everyone with the opportunity to co-invest in real estate properties with high growth potential. Our Model allows a broader range of individuals (members) aggregate their funds towards the purchase and/or development of strategic real estate assets. 

The aggregation of these smaller amounts of capital results in the creation of a significantly larger pool of new capital allowing for the collective purchase of Real Estate Assets with percentages owned by each member. By virtue of co-ownership, members are able to benefit from value appreciation and rental income. Members can also diversify their portfolio by investing in multiple locations and different real estate types (bare land, commercial or residential developments).

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to create value for everyday individuals

We are mostly young professionals with collective years of experience in excess of 30 years in different sectors such as Economics, Engineering, Finance, Law, Media, PR, Marketing and Software Engineering. 

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Real Estate has proven to be the best investment class. We have added even more flavor to make it worth your while

We provide an avenue for everyone to invest in Real Estate

Our investments opportunities are strategically handpicked and managed in a transparent manner to enable members create wealth and get returns on investment.

Coreum Real Estate Solutions is a Real Estate Company registered in compliance with the Company and Allied Matters Act with CAC Registration Number RC1503916. Our goal is to promote wealth equity and sustainability by making Real Estate affordable to everyone regardless of income level, age or location.

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