Technology meet Real Estate Investing.

Coreum is a platform that is focused on digitizing access to real estate investing in Africa. Our goal is to ensure that investing in quality real estate asset is not just accessible to the wealthy but to everyone just like stocks, bonds, and other financial securities.

Investor Protection

All investment assets are held in trust by FBNQuest Trustee on behalf of all the members of this platform.

About Coreum

Coreum is a real estate co-investment platform that identifies, analyzes, invests, and manages real estate assets on behalf of its users while ensuring that maximum return on investment is derived from the use of those assets. At Coreum, the core of our business model is built around technology, real estate, and trustee.

Our Key Numbers


No of Users


Average Capital Gain


Average Interest Return

Real Estate

Real estate asset is an important asset in any investment portfolio as it provides good returns and hedge against inflation.


We believe that over the next few years, technology will continue to shape how people own properties across the world.


A trustee is a SEC regulated entity that holds and administers property or assets for the benefit of a third party.

A Digital Real Estate Platform

All transactions are done on the Coreum real estate platform. The platform is purpose-built and easy to use for all types of users.

Investment Lifecycle

Real Estate Virtual Slots (REVS) are units of Real Estate Assets such as Income Generating Residential or Commercial Properties, High Growth Lands and Ongoing or Proposed Estate Developments.

1. Identify

We identify high potential real estate assets 

2. Analyze

We perform detailed financial and economic evaluation on the assets 

3. Fund Raise

We list approved real estate assets on the platform for users to invest

4. Invest

We invest and acquire assets on behalf of the investors

5. Manage

We manage assets throughout the holding period of the investments

6. Exit

We exit the investment at the end of the maturity period and provide return to investors

The Team

Our team comprises young dynamic and innovative minds with years of experience in real estate, private equity, investment banking, corporate strategy, law, amongst others.

Trustee protection

Our Trustee, FBNQuest Trustees is a subsidiary of the FBNQuest Group and a subsidiary of FBN Holdings, is the leading Trust services provider in Corporate Trust, Public Trust, Private Trust and Estate Planning solutions.

Investment funds are held in a joint account managed by FBNQuest Trustees

Investment Assets are held in trust by FBNQuest Trustees on behalf of the investors.

FBNQuest Trustees is a member of the investment committee that oversees the asset selection and investment process.

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