Invest Smartly in

Grade A Real Estate opportunities are highly capital intensive and often selectively accessible to high net worth individuals. With Coreum, you can invest to own interests in revenue generating and capital growth real estate assets.

Invest Smartly in

Grade A Real Estate opportunities are highly capital intensive and often selectively accessible to high net worth individuals. With Coreum, you can now invest to own fractions in revenue generating and capital growth assets.    

We keep your investment safe

Your security and trust are important to us. We’re committed to protecting your account with the highest standards of security available 

  • Trustee Management– Assets and funds are held by FBNQuest Trustee a firm duly registered by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Payment Security - Payment for all investment is secured by paystack. A leading payment platform with bank level security protection.

Why invest.

Why real estate

Real estate is generally considered a great investment option because of its predictable cash flow, less volatile nature which has many advantages over stocks, bonds or mutual funds and more especially as it appreciates, a resistant to inflation

Risk of Loss



Inflation Effect

R. Estate



*Green  = Good, **Yellow = Okay, ***Red = Bad


Find properties that meets your investment goals and budget. Invest in one (1) or more virtual slots. Investing in Coreum is easy and fast. 

100 - 150%

Non-Cash Value Appreciation

₦ 50,000

Minimum Investment

9 - 12%

Yearly Rental Return

₦ 1,000,000

Minimum Investment

17 - 20%

One-off RoI - 12Months

₦ 1,500,000

Minimum Investment


Track your investment’s value on your personalized dashboard. Access your yield and withdraw your returns

Save in Wallet.

Fund your wallet and get up to 4% interest rate while waiting to invest in the real estate investment of your choice. Your wallet funds is withdrawable within 48 hours

₦ 5,000

Minimum Funding


Interest on Wallet Funds


Diversify by investing in different type of real estate assets to earn rental return and capital appreciation. 

Properties Investment

Earn monthly returns from income generating real estate assets such as residential real estate or commercial apartments

Land Investments

Invest in lands in high growth areas with potential for value appreciation over time. Investment period is between 3 - 5 years

Construction Investment

Invest in real estate projects and earn return on investment after property is sold. Maturity period is between 16 - 18 months

Carefully Grafted.

We select the right investments for our investors through a detailed investment selection process. 

Investment Selection

We conduct detailed evaluation on the projects to identify those with high Return on Investments (RoI) with minimal risks.

Fund Raising

We provide equity funding to projects that meets the funding requirements through aggregation of funds from interested investors.

Return to Investors

As a co-investor, you earn rental returns, capital appreciation or sales profit from your investment. 

Exit Strategy.

When you invest on the Coreum platform, there are two ways to realize your investments. 

Exit at Maturity

Every investment on our platform comes with a pre-determined holding period typically between 2 -5 years. At the end of the holding period, Coreum puts the asset for sale and generates returns to investors.

Trade on Secondary Market

When a primary investment is sold out, the secondary market is open for trading to allow willing sellers and buyers trade their investments. The new owner of the asset continues to earn revenues from the asset. 

What our co-investors are saying

Identify real estate developers with innovative commercial projects and solid experience in project development and marketing.

“I chose Coreum because my investment is held in trust, seamless investment process, very low minimum required, installment payment  option and high projected ROI”



“Investing in real estate on any scale remains a trusted means of building wealth and Coreum has made this possible by providing co-investment opportunies in real estate properties”


Oil and Gas Professional

“I chose to invest in Coreum because it was exactly what i was looking for, a real estate company that gives me the option to invest the little money I could afford to spare without having to break the bank as an average Nigeria”



Coreum is a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to own real estate in fractions and benefit from rental returns and capital appreciation.

Coreum Real Estate Solutions Limited is a Real Estate Company registered in compliance with the Company and Allied Matters Act with CAC Registration Number RC1503916. Coreum is a proptech platform managed by Coreum Real Estate Solutions Limited. The platform provides real estate investments to its users. All investments are held and managed under a trust deed between Coreum and FBNQuest Trustees, a member of the FBN Holdings, a SEC Regulated Entity.

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